The only network representative of Early Music at the European level, with the legitimacy to discuss performance, creation, heritage, inclusion, diversity and sustainability.

The network is gradually opening to all professionals of the sector (ensembles, promoters, labels, research institutes, conservatoires, instrument makers, networks…), giving members a unique space to discuss with peers and stakeholders the issues that make Early Music a vibrant cultural world. REMA’s missions support its members and the Early Music field...


Conferences, awards, events ... participate in REMA’s activities throughout the year!

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With 166 members from 28 countries, active in the whole Early Music chain, from musicology to performance, the REMA members represent the full variety of the sector.
By being part of the network, they are involved both as beneficiaries and as actors of its activities, but also work hard together at defining the future of the field.

Ensembles, festivals, concert halls, research institutes, labels, agents, conservatoires ... thanks to the ongoing opening that pushes the boundaries of REMA’s representativity, the network’s members have a chance to shape it according to their needs!


Looking for a concert idea? Discover our agenda: it lists events from our members all over Europe!