Every year on 21 March - on Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday and the first day of spring - a variety of events are offered by participants across the globe, all celebrating the many faces of Early Music. Concerts, masterclasses, videos... anyone can add their own contribution, making Early Music Day a meeting place for audiences and professionals!

A global, participative celebration of Early Music
The goal of early music day is to create a living event for the early music community in the broadest sense: performance, education, research, experiences... Each year, hundreds of early music lovers take part in the celebration by organising concerts, events, and happenings, taking place simultaneously all over the world.
An online event
Early Music Day is an important online event as well, with countless online contributions and concerts being live streamed, reaching audiences worldwide.

Partnership and media
A strong partnership with the media is essential to the impact and visibility of Early Music Day. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has been a partner of the event since its first edition in 2013. Partnerships between REMA members/other organisers involved in the project and local, regional and national media in each country complement the European aspect.


Throughout the year, REMA organises conferences that address the sector’s needs and provide participants with a place to meet, work together, learn from inspiring experiences and address common challenges as a group.

A variety of events focused on key topics for the field.
REMA conferences can be members-only or open to a wider audience of professionals when they are focused on a specific country (regional meetings) or field of activity (sectorial meetings). Lasting from 1 to 4 days, they usually take place at the invitation of a member and provide a comprehensive overview of the host’s activities and areas of expertise. Activities include panels, workshops, keynotes, networking opportunities, concerts and project presentations.


Every two years, REMA puts under the spotlight the projects that reflect the vision and versatility of today’s Early Music sector.

In 2024, around 15 categories of prizes given to projects that have contributed significantly to the Early Music Field sector and its development will be attributed by a Jury of specialists from the sector and from the cultural sphere. The call is open until 29 February 2024; the laureate projects will be revealed during a ceremony held in Stockholm on 5 June 2024.
The REMA Awards goals are to
- Reinforce the sector’s activities, internally and in relation to the rest of the world
- Give more visibility to Early Music as research-oriented music and its stakeholders - Reward relevance over a subjective appreciation of artistic quality
- Support projects that build a sustainable future for Early Music
- Support excellence in performance and research
- Reward innovative approaches on 1000 years of common heritage

REMA REMAin Connected

Since 2020, these free, online sessions related to the performing arts and early music field in general, are open to the entire sector.

Online REMA sessions open to all
The REMAin Connected online sessions are now a staple of the network to keep the connection between members in-between conferences, dedicate space to specific topics, and involve the wider Early Music community in the process. Around three meetings are organised each year.


After an initial online event in which over 500 of you took part, the second edition of the Early Music Summit took place from 30 November to 3 December 2023, at Bozar (Brussels) and the Concertgebouw in Bruges.

How can we embrace the bigger picture of research, education, performance and creation? How will we redefine what we see as dissemination, influences and schools in a more open, inclusive and balanced world?
These 3 days of activities, concerts, meetings and workshops are open to the entire music sector - join us in shaping the future of the early music world!



Young professionals in Early Music are facing new challenges, as they enter the sector looking for work opportunities, meeting potential business partners and developing their activity. The ever-shifting global context, shaped by a pandemic and an ongoing energy crisis, is impacting the way we work, interact with each other, enjoy or produce music. REMArkable addresses the urgent need to support the newest professionals in the sector, making them feel welcome and equip them with the right tools to navigate the field.

In order to enhance the professional integration of the next early music generation, REMA’s support scheme for young professionals (ensembles, programmers, researchers) helps them build their capacities and help them launch their activities on the international scene.
REMArkable will take place over three years, with each year dedicated to a specific branch of early music professionals. In 2024, REMArkable will be open to young early music researchers. Registration is open until 6 April. For more information, we invite you to contact the REMA team at