REMA REMA studies

In order to better know the sector, its specificities, and to better advocate for it, REMA is conducting a set of studies over the three years of the project, addressed to members and non-members organisation. Each year is focusing on a specific aspect, and having a look at the evolution of the sector. The study is conducted in partnership with researchers at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve.

This year, the aim of the Studies was to draw up a picture of what early music represents for the individuals who practise it - in short, to seek a definition of early music as an experience. Twenty people involved in early music (musicologists, journalists, music critics, label directors, teachers, artists, instrument makers, programmers and researchers) were interviewed.
The result is a three-part study that looks at early music from the angle of individual experience, but also typing different paradigms: what are its cornerstones, its perspectives, and its vanishing points? What individual and collective dynamics are at play in the study, research, practice, and appreciation of Early Music? What relationships to time, space, the world, oneself and others does Early Music bring?