REMA #EllesDirigent

#EllesDirigent is a network of female project leaders designed to promote and nurture female leadership in the heritage and creative music sector.

Created on the initiative of Lila Hajosi (artistic director of Ensemble Irini) and Camille Delaforge (artistic director of Ensemble II Caravaggio), the #EllesDirigent project is supported by FEVIS, Futurs Composés and REMA in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture's Mission Egalité et Diversité.
The project is a response both to the urgent need to act in favour of gender equality within the so-called "Classical" sector and to the absence to date of such a platform bringing together promotion/visibility, transmission and content production. #EllesDirigent aims to be an incubator for sisterhood, a creator of lasting, cross-generational links and a central player in the transition of our professional sector towards genuine, lasting gender equality.