Every year on 21 March - on Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday and the first day of spring - a variety of events are offered by participants across the globe, all celebrating the many faces of Early Music. Concerts, masterclasses, videos... anyone can add their own contribution, making Early Music Day a meeting place for audiences and professionals!

A global, participative celebration of Early Music
The goal of early music day is to create a living event for the early music community in the broadest sense: performance, education, research, experiences... Each year, hundreds of early music lovers take part in the celebration by organising concerts, events, and happenings, taking place simultaneously all over the world.
An online event
Early Music Day is an important online event as well, with countless online contributions and concerts being live streamed, reaching audiences worldwide.

Partnership and media
A strong partnership with the media is essential to the impact and visibility of Early Music Day. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has been a partner of the event since its first edition in 2013. Partnerships between REMA members/other organisers involved in the project and local, regional and national media in each country complement the European aspect.


Conferences, awards, events ... participate in REMA’s activities throughout the year!