Greifenberger Institut of Organology

Greifenberger Institut of Organology - Germany

Greifenberger Institut of Organology
They are a private not-for-profit company dedicated to the research, documentation and historical reconstruction of period keyboard instruments; in particular pianofortes from before 1800.

They regard period musical instruments as historical monuments to be preserved for the future, as well as sources of multidisciplinary knowledge for the present.

In accordance with the guidelines of the international museum associations ICOM andCIMCIM, they are aware of the risks of considerable damage to original instruments as cultural monuments, caused by their restoration with the aim of making them playable.

With the methods presented on this website, the Greifenberg Research Institute for Instrument Making is therefore endeavouring to discover and explore ways of accessing the sound functions of these cultural monuments - the "Original Musical Instruments" - in a scientific approach that respects their identity.

Greifenberger Institut of Organology
Am Krautgarten 25, Greifenberg, Germany /

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