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Jun 04, 2019

Missa Aurea: triptych and symposium

17 to 19 August 2019

AMUZ, Antwerp- The Missa Aurea is sung in honour of the Virgin Mary and focuses particularly on her assent to the Angel Gabriel’s message: he came to tell her that she had been chosen to bear the Son of God. Three leading ensembles will proclaim the joyful news: Cappella Pratensis will sing from the original source, the choirbook of the Burgundian court chapel. Cappella Mariana takes the only surviving source of Ockeghems mass as its starting point: the Chigi Codex. And Stile Antico tackles late 15th century music with Regis’ mass. To accompany the Missa Aurea Triptych, Prof. M. Jennifer Bloxam (Williams College, USA) will moderate the symposium exploring the impact of the Annunciation story on the sacred arts of the 15th century.

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