France / Montpellier

 We need your help to get the festival going this year. Become a part of this adventure which makes medieval music accessible for everyone! 
The festival “Les Marteaux de Gellone” brings together musicians, instrument makers and researchers who set out to discover the medieval world through music and craftsmanship in the breath-taking Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, classed as a UNESCO World Heritage village. 

Since 2017, this yearly festival puts up five to eight concerts in the abbey of Gellone with great acoustics, one student production, street music, an exposition by historical instrument makers, an instrument making workshop, and this year, we want to organise a ball with trad music to close this event of with dancing and joy. 

With its friendly atmosphere, this festival allows the audience to meet the professionals. 

A friendly group of students guides and helps the artists, instrument makers, researchers and the audience. 

This seventh edition of the festival takes place the 18-26 May 2024 at Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, with one creation being at the new venue in Saint-Gély du Fesc the 22 May.
This year’s program: 

  • 5 concert proposing new viewpoints on medieval music
  • 1 student production, because the support of young musicians is at the heart of our actions.
  • 1 instrument making workshop, led by two instrument makers and open for everyone.
  • 1 instrument exhibition with around twenty exhibitors, to see, try out and buy instruments
  • 1 trad ball to finish the event in celebration

What the money will be used for:

  • The concerts as well as the colloquium are already financetransportation of the instrument makers d. This crowdfunding is linked to the instrument making related activities
  • practical installations for the workshop (purchase of tools and materials): 10 000 €
  • historical instrument making exhibition (transport, accommodation and meals for the instrument makers during 6 days): 15 000€
  • Trad ball (lease of equipment, food, drinks): 3 000€
  • Communication: 2 000€

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