Internship - French motets of the 13th century

From 26 January 2024 to 04 May 2024/ France / Montpellier

Come and discover the French motets of the 13th century with Brice Duisit!

This training cycle, reserved for medieval instrumentalists and singers, operates on the principle of an experimental workshop that aims, through the interpretation of pieces, to put into practice research on the French motet of the 13th century. Through experimentation, participants will be led to question the functioning, motivations, and purpose of musical notation in a medieval society where the transmission of knowledge is essentially a matter of oral transmission.
The various sessions will give you the opportunity to understand how musical notation works, to learn how to decipher, read, and sing directly from the manuscript, but also to grasp the prosodic French accent of the 13th century.

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Internship - French motets of the 13th century

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