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Jan 12, 2021

8th Centenary of Alfonso X the Wise

One of those unusual rulers who is more famous for his intellectual legacy than for his political achievements: 23 November 2021 will mark the 800th anniversary of the birth Alfonso X “the Wise”, king of Castile and León. Fundació Cultural CdM is supporting the edition of ‘Cantigas de Santa María’, an album devoted to the King who was responsible for The Cantigas de Santa María, which started as a collection of one hundred cantigas dedicated to the Virgin Mary on a personal initiative and would become one of the most important contributions to the late Medieval culture.

The 22 cantigas included in the album correspond to recordings by Capella de Ministrers: ‘El Grial’ (2018), ‘La Ruta de la Seda’ (2017), ‘Ramón Llull’ (2016), ‘Moresca’ (2010), ‘Música Angélica’ (2007) and ‘Lamento di Tristano’ (2002). The edition is also marking the 10th anniversary of Early Music Morella Festival and the Xacobeo Holy Year 2021.

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