An annual award for outstanding artists and projects that contributed significantly to the early music movement.

In its inaugural year the REMA Early Music Award was given to the Shola Cantorum Basiliensis and ti the Hillard Ensemble.
The REMA Early Music Award Ceremony was held on 22 August in Antwerp in the AMUZ.

The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis is a unique centre for both professional training in the field of Early Music and research into historical music practise. It is also responsible for organising a variety of public concerts, and is renowned for nurturing and supporting new young ensembles. Staff and students alike are drawn from countries all over the world, guaranteeing a lively, stimulating, multinational and multilingual atmosphere in which to learn. All in all, the Schola is a key driving force in the world of Early Music today.
"And if the prize is given to the school, it’s actually given to something much bigger than the school, which is the spirit behind it. And the amount of knowledge, the amount of experience, the importance of poetry, the depth of understanding of cultural contributions, which are a daily part of the nourishment of the spirit of the people involved here."

Hopkinson Smith, Lutenist
Founded in 1973, British vocal quartet The Hilliard Ensembleplayed a major role in rediscovering and popularising Early Music. Although much of its work was focused on music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, it also performed contemporary music, working frequently with the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.
The Hilliard Ensemble disbanded at the end of 2014.
"As the Hilliard Ensemble, it is a great honour for us because we have been singing together for a very long time: the group has lasted for about 40 years, and during that time we have seen that sort of Early Music bubble grow and grow and grow."
The Hilliard Ensemble

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    An annual award for outstanding artists and projects that contributed significantly to the early music movement.

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