Regional meeting Estella: 2 September 2023

Regional meeting Estella: 2 September 2023
REMA opens the conversation with the Spanish Early Music sector in Estella, on 2 September 2023!

REMA’s regional meetings provide a forum for the different actors of the field, to address common challenges, work on the identity of the local Early Music scene, and facilitate the circulation of projects and initiatives at a national and regional level.

These conferences are an opportunity for all the early music professionals of a region to come together, but REMA members with specific ties to the area are welcome to participate.

On 2 September, on the invitation of Semana de Música Antigua de Estella, REMA strikes up a conversation between its members and the ensembles, festivals, officials... that make early music happen in the country.

On 1 and 3 September, participants are welcome to attend FEIMA, the main event for Early Music in Spain, with conferences, workshops and concerts. The best way to appreciate the excellence of the local early music scene!

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