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Sep 30, 2019


The Accademia Musica Antica Milano (A.M.A.MI.) is pleased to announce that the Collegium vocale et instrumentale «Nova Ars Cantandi» (Alessandro Carmignani, Andrea Arrivabene, Gianluca Ferrarini, Marcello Vargetto e Ivana Valotti), conducted by Giovanni Acciai, group in residence of the A.M.A.MI., has been awarded the prestigious «Franco Abbiati» 2019 Record Prize by the National Association of Music Critics, formed by the best experts in the musical field, for the CD Responsoria by Leonardo Leo (1694-1744), published in 2018 by the Deutsche Grammophon - Archiv label (4817351).

Composed for the Easter celebrations for the exclusive use of the Chapel of the court of the Viceroy of Naples, where Leo was Chapel Master, these Responsoria, discovered by Giovanni Acciai in the Library of the «San Pietro a Majella» Conservatory in Naples, can be admired for their melodic beauty, for their refined harmony and for their rhetorical doctrine, as evidence of the creative vein and compositional wisdom of their author, Leonardo Leo.

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