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Apr 09, 2019

Septem Verba: Unpublished repertoire by Pastrana in EDEM 19

In close cooperation with renowned musicologist Maricarmen Gómez, Capella de Ministrers brought back the magestic music of this still unkonwn toledan Renaissance composer, first chapel master of Ferdinand II (the Catholic) and Philip of Habsburg. Although his work hasn’t experienced the huge promotion given to Flecha, Morales or Cárceres due to the dispersion and damaged existing sources, it’s now time to discover this rare and exquisit music loaded with dissonances surprisingly ahead of its time.
'Septem Verba: Last seven words on the Cross' was held in the International Congress ‘The musical heritage of the Crown of Aragon (1418-1707)’ attended by musicology professors and students. 

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