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Jul 15, 2019


From 4 August to 9 November

"The painter competes with Nature" ~ Leonardo Da Vinci. In Music as in Painting the compositional forms develop according to an "architectural" order, that frames the smallest elements in a series of gradually larger and more general structures, in continuous references between the details and the total set, between the Micro and the Macrocosm.
The Festival will consist of 11 concerts, with the presence of the Ensemble Terzo Suono, I Solisti Ambrosiani, Vicenza in Lirica, Contrarco Consort, Accademia Hermans, the Cenacolo Musicale of BAROCCO EUROPEO and the concert of the Vivica Genaux Masterclass.
Chamber music, vocal and instrumental, from the Renaissance to the Baroque, as well as the installation of Orlandini's Intermezzo BACOCCO E SERPILLA, will be the protagonist of the concert festival from July to November, between Friuli, Veneto and Slovenia.

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