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Jul 01, 2022

3x counterpoint by Huelgas Ensemble

28 August 2022
Antwerp, Belgium

With his years of experience, Paul van Nevel knows all the secrets of counterpoint. He and his Huelgas Ensemble immerse you this summer during Laus Polyphoniae in the great diversity and richness of counterpoint from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, focusing on the magnificent music of the 15th and 16th centuries. In 3 concerts you will hear how composers worked with their musical material. Polyphonic music was usually based on an existing melody. You will hear music ranging from incipient polyphony (in parallel intervals) to highly ornamented counterpoint, from three-part works to Carissimi’s twelve-part Missa L’homme armé. Laus Polyphoniae: from 19 to 28  August in AMUZ and at various historical locations in Antwerp. 

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