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Apr 01, 2022


7 to 12 of April

Castelo Branco / Oeiras, Portugal

The probability of MAAC / Flores de Mvsica, Ensemble Stradivaria and Aria Voce Choir coming together to collaborate in a common project was made possible by a mutual friend of Daniel Cuiller and João Janeiro, the directors of both structures. From this encounter ‘Baroque Atlantique’ has emerged as a mid-term project 2020-2023 that started in October 2020, with the Concerto Ibérico – Baroque Orchestra Artistic Residence in the roman-visigotic village of Idanha-a-Velha (Portugal).
The partnership that Stradivaria and MAAC have established aims to bring together the two important artistic structures to collaborate in several projects. This way, synergies were already start to develop, cultural and professional relationships between Portuguese and French ensembles and musicians could be expanded.
Within ‘Baroque Atlantique’ — a project labelled after the fact that Nantes and Oeiras both have the Atlantic Sea in their shores — the artistic complementarities of both structures, activities, repertoires and research could be amplified. This will potentiate the exchange experiences and mobilities of musicians and ensembles, disclosing French and Portuguese Baroque repertoires and musical practices in both countries as a common and unique European historical heritage.


FRANCISCO ANTÓNIO DE ALMEIDA, Missa em Fá Maior para solistas, coro e orquestra
Flores de Mvsica (Oeiras) / Stradivaria Ensemble (Nantes)
Jone Martínez,soprano solo
Léopold Laforge, alto solo
Daniel Cuiller e Lorenzo Colitto, concertinos
Dir. João Janeiro

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