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Mar 02, 2021


Nothing can replace a live performance where emotion is shared between artists and audience, but we also know that postponing indefinitely is a disaster for everyone. The Festival Baroque de Pontoise decided not to wait any longer for announcements. In March, the young audience program of Faenza "Polichinelle et Orphée aux enfers" scheduled for February 5 will finally take place in front of the schools of Pontoise. The following three shows will be available for free on the festival's website and social networks:

  Des Italiens à Paris / Ensemble Spirituoso (Th. de L'Antarès, Vauréal) 
vendredi  5 mars à 20h30

Le Grand Tour / Ensemble Masques (Th. de Jouy, jouy-le-Moutier) 
vendredi 12 mars à 20h30

Les Récréations de Leclair / La Diane Française (Cathédrale St-Maclou, Pontoise) 
dimanche 21 mars à 17h00


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