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Oct 06, 2020

Festival Baroque de Pointoise

Until 17 October

then act II from 20 November to 21 to June 21 2021

# Migrazione

The 35th Festival Baroque de Pontoise continues its exploration of Italian influences among European composers: Ferrabosco seduces London (Spes nostra, 16/10), Beethoven sings in Italian (V. Lièvre-Picard, F. Albrecht, 11/10), Scarlatti dialogue with Berio (V. Roche, 10/14) while Le Poème harmonique recounts the fabulous voyages of Moulinié and Tessier (10/10).

Migrazione is also the journey of refugees which will be illustrated by the adaptation of Pergolèse's Stabat Mater directed by David Bobée and Caroline Mutel (Les Nouveaux Caractères, 9/10), then by Orpheus XXI, migrants ensemble created by Jordi Savall, who will introduce us to the music of the Mediterranean basin (17/10).