The Early Music Podcast : Suor Maria Celeste

The Early Music Podcast : Suor Maria Celeste
Does music get suddenly better when it’s linked to the Borgia family, or are we ok with anonymously composed pieces?

As a conclusion for this series, we selected one early music success story that we particularly enjoyed, and that perfectly embodies the spirit of exciting discovery that makes research so appealing… when it’s really more about spending your days buried in books.  

Our guest professor Laurie Stras is a musicologist that has found the perfect outlet for her research, in the shape of the ensemble she founded, Musica Segreta, with which she performs and records the results of her work. She also reflects on the temptation of connecting music to famous names, sponsors, artists or composers, to make it more interesting for the modern audience. Let’s hear her story which mixes (spoiler alert!), the riddles of an unknown Italian composer, the Galilei family, the Borgia family, a modern race against time and covid


guest Laurie Stras, musicologist and performer

interview & editing Andrew Burn
production REMA
credits music 
Platée, Act 1, Orage - Jean-Philippe Rameau
performed by Les Talens Lyriques, dir. Christophe Rousset
Camera Lucida 2014
All rights reserved - Courtesy of Les Talens Lyriques
design Doretta Rinaldi
original drawings Vincent Flückiger

cover score Folio, Biffoli-Sostegni Manuscript, 1560 (Bibliothèque du Conservatoire Royal, Bruxelles, MS 27766)

Selection from Mother Sister Daughter
performed by Musica Secreta, Laurie Stras
Lucky Music 2022

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