The Early Music Podcast : Introduction

The Early Music Podcast : Introduction
What is so special about Early Music that makes people so passionate about it?

What is it like to “rediscover” today a composer from 1000 years ago? What do you learn about a piece when you search for the ultimate grail of the original concert hall it was first performed in? How can you try to rebuild a long gone Renaissance instrument and not lose your sanity? And, more than everything, what is so fascinating about it that you would want, today, in 2023, to dedicate your life to it? Let’s investigate, in 9 episodes, listening to the 9 speakers we picked for their reputation of being quite particular about one specific character of Early Music. 

interview & editing Andrew Burn
production REMA
credits music 
Platée, Act 1, Orage - Jean-Philippe Rameau
performed by Les Talens Lyriques, dir. Christophe Rousset
Camera Lucida 2014
All rights reserved - Courtesy of Les Talens Lyriques
design Doretta Rinaldi
original drawings Vincent Flückiger

Sanctus - Guillaume de Machaut
performed by Graindelavoix
Messe de Nostre Dame, Glossa 2016

Cello Duetto in G Major, ABV 47: I. Allegro - Giuseppe Clemente Dall'Abaco
performed by Elinor Frey, Catherine Jones, Michele Pasotti, Federica Bianchi
The Cello According to Dall'Abaco, Passacaille 2022

Canzon La Lusignuola, OP. 1 No. 2 
performed by Enrico Onofri, Imaginarium Ensemble
Into Nature. Vivaldi Seasons & Other Sounds from Mother Earth, Passacaille 2019

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