Les Passions de l’Âme presents its latest album: "Donner-Ode"

Les Passions de l’Âme presents its latest album: "Donner-Ode"
The orchestra Les Passions de l’Âme presents its latest album with Telemann’s «Donner-Ode» (“Ode to the Thunder”), as well as two premiere recordings of Telemann’s late church cantatas. Solomon’s Knot’s vocalists sing the solos and choruses. 

The CD offers an illuminating insight into Telemann’s late church music.
Recorded in March 2022 in Magdeburg, Germany, the album shows the instrumentalists’ and singers’ dedicated and creative approach, led by Meret Lüthi and Jonathan Sells.
In addition to the «Donner-Ode», which in Telemann’s time was already highly regarded and often performed, the two premiere recordings of the cantatas «Wie lieblich» and «Dich rühmen die Welten» offer masterpieces to be rediscovered. The CD demonstrates the orchestra’s commitment to reviving previously unheard Baroque treasures. 

As the first collaboration with the German CPO label, the album focuses on Telemann’s late works for church music. 
Discover the richness of these forgotten baroque hits and new discoveries.

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