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Sep 03, 2019


From 5 September to 6 October

Collegium Musicum Classense Ravenna's festival I Luoghi dello Spirito et del Tempo gives way to Bellezza Fuori Porta.

I Luoghi dello Spirito et del Tempo

5 September, Santuario della Madonna del Bosco, Alfonsine(RA)
Jean-Marie Quint, Alessandra Artifoni
Le Gout Italien-Italian influence on XVIIth and XVIIIth century french music

14 September, Refettorio dell'Abbazia, Pomposa (FE)
Onda Armonica - Sergio Azzolini
Chamber music - an unusual J. S. Bach 
Introduced by Azzurra Carli

Bellezza Fuori Porta

22 September, villa Manuzzi, Mensa Matellica 
Sergio Zigiotti, Fabiano Merlante
The napolitan  mandolin through XIXth and XXth centuries
Selected works for mandolin and guitar

26 September, Chiesa di S. Biagio, Roncalceci 
Collegium Vocale Monteverdi, Bolzano
Palestrina 425 - A journey through polyphony

6 October, Pieve di S. Bartolomeo in decimo, S. Zaccaria
Ferrara conservatory Early Music Ensemble 
La voce divina - The human voice sublimated in sacred baroque music


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