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Aug 19, 2019


12 October 

LE CONCERT DE L’HOSTEL DIEU in Collégiale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Abbey church

Many women composers adorn XVIIIth Century Italy. Some, such as Isabella Leonarda, completed their musical education in a convent; others entirely embraced their will to become a professionnal composer, and so did Barbara Strozzi, a symbol of the musical genius of Venice born 400 years ago, or Antonia Bembo, and Fancesca Caccini, born in cultivated families which supported their design.
Credits : Julie Cherki

Cast :
Heather Newhouse, soprano
Sayaka Shinoda, violin
Aude Walker-Viry, cello
Nicolas Muzy, theorbo
Franck-Emmanuel Comte, harpsichord and direction

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