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May 02, 2019

Enjoy the 10pm concerts in the heart of the Festival de Saintes!

July 2019

The Romanesque church Sainte-Marie (Abbey Church) offers a magnificent sound and an atmosphere of spirituality. At a time of sunset, the intimate proportions of the abbey encourage a form of communion in the listening and apprehension of concerts.

Saturday 13 July / 10 pm  = Kelly God, soprano / Anne Le Bozec, piano

Monday 15 July / 10 pm = Het Collectief

Tuesday 16 July / 10 pm = Quatuor Van Kuijk

Wednesday 17 July / 10 pm = Les Sonadori

Thursday 18 July / 10 pmh = Sollazzo ensemble

Friday 19 July / 10 pm = L’Escadron volant de la Reine

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