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May 03, 2022

It´s never too late for early opera! XXI SEMF Festival 1-6 June 2022

SEMF is proud to stage "Birger Jarl & Mechtild", a "medieval baroque opera" in Swedish, written by King Gustav III and Francesco Uttini in 1774 - a premiere in modern times!
With equal excitement, we welcome world-renowned Les Talens Lyriques under Christophe Rousset, viol star Hille Perl and the superchoir Tenebrae from London. Les Passions de l’Âme excels through its whimsical virtuosity while Hirundo Maris weaves together Sephardic and Scandinavian traditions. Ukrainian bandura, a male soprano, an unknown female composer and medieval animal music and so the Finale: Theatre of Voices & Camerata Øresund.

Welcome to SEMF, where early music is always NOW!

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