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Jul 01, 2021

BarokkiKuopio Early Music Festival

14 to 18 July 2021, Kuopio, Finland

After a rough year, the 17th BarokkiKuopio festival is actually happening in Kuopio, the heart of Finlands lake district!

The theme for 2021 is "House/Economy" ("Talo/Talous" in Finnish). The festival focuses on the influence that great houses and courts had on the landscapes of European music culture, the architechtural structures in music and the idea of home and homesick composers on foreign lands. Who had the money and power to decide what kind of music was performed, which composers were in favour and what kind of instrument ideas got the funding to be developed further? How did emigrated, or sometimes exiled, composers combine different music cultures and heritages in their music? What kind of music was heard inside peoples homes, and how did that differ from music heard in extravagant courts? Where's the money in music?

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