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Apr 28, 2021

Musical Evenings at the Palace of Pena

21 May – 19 June 2021 at the Great Hall of the National Palace of Pena

In 2021, the 7th Parques de Sintra Music Season starts in May, with the cycle Musical Evenings at the Palace of Pena. These concerts – which were previously scheduled for 2020 but had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic – take us on a journey through the glorious days of this palace, when music assumed a leading role in the most intimate sessions that happened on the Great Hall. This cycle – and the whole Music Season in itself – aims at offering the public the opportunity to experience the immaterial memory of Pena, that the talent of great artists, such as Sara Mingardo, Catia Moreso and João Paulo Santos, will help to achieve.

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