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Oct 06, 2020

Festival "Bellezza Fuori Porta" 3' edition Dante and the music

30 August to 1 November

The third edtion of Festival Bellezza Fuori Porta will take place from 30 August to 1 November. 

Two concerts are expected during the month of October: 

11/10/20: Pieve di S. Cassiano in Decimo, Campiano (Ravenna)

"La vil cornice": Troubadoric music in the Divina Commedia
Enea Sorini, voice, psalterium, percussions. Peppe Frana, oud, guinterne.

18/10/20: Pieve di S. Bartolomeo, S. Zaccaria (Ravenna)
"Il diavolo in musica": Sonatas by Giuseppe Tartini in the 250 centenary of the death - Readings from the Divina Commedia in a XIX century dialect translation.
Gilberto Ceranto, Mojica Jerman, Malgorzata Wnek, violins; Valeria Montanari, harpsichord
Eliseo dalla Vecchia, readings

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