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Jun 10, 2020

"HOME" ARMÉ: Home conversations on ancient music

Home conversations on ancient music
Live in streaming on Facebook

During this suspended time, when everybody stays at home… while we all wait to understand what will happen in our near future (and it looks like nobody knows it)… while many homes became a workplace, besides a place of co-habitation (sometimes forced)…. while…..
While our concerts, rehearsals, recordings, meetings are all postponed, L’Homme Armé decided to focus on future projects, no matter the uncertainties that threaten all of us, and music in particular. We also focused on researching and organizing our archives.
Partly as a consequence of this work, the idea of our “home conversations” dedicated to the world of ancient music was born. We started from the experience and history of our Association and of the musicians who belong to it. The conversation is a form of interaction between people, open to the participation of those who follow us in live streaming on Facebook.
We selected a series of topics of major interest, although, in the variety of the subjects, some are rather niche ones, some historical, some more innovative, some connected to the music theory and some other to the art of performing.
All the conversations will take place at 6.30 pm and they will last for about 40-50 minutes, with words and music (often taken from our archive). They will feature many musicians and artists who took part to the projects of L’Homme Armé, which for this occasion becomes…

L’ HoMe Armé !


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