European Early Music Summit 2023

European Early Music Summit 2023
REMA – the European Early Music Network is organizing from 29 November to 3 December 2023 its second Early Music Summit, in Bozar, Brussels, and Concertgebouw Bruges. Held over 4 days, this event will be an important moment for all stakeholders of the sector, to work together on the common challenges that will shape the future of the field. 
The programme of the conference revolves around two themes that match the two host organizations. In Bozar, participants will look at the circumstances of Early Music on the international and national level: talking about policy making, shared values, cooperation and the vision for the future. Then, in the more intimate Concertgebouw Bruges, they will be able to focus on the “Hic et nunc” characteristics of Early Music: what happens on stage? How do we qualify the artistic experience of Early Music, for the audiences but also the artists? What do we all look for, as professionals? 
The conference will also invite participants to work on market issues (on recording, concert selling-promoting, editing…) and cross-sectorial topics (digitalization, audience development, cultural policies, diversity…).  They will be able to learn from the experience of over 50 speakers from various cultural organizations, invited to share their side of the story and contribute to a better understanding of the bigger picture of Early Music today. The programme includes general keynotes, working groups, panels... but also specific sessions focusing on a dedicated branch of the sector: research, education, concert promotion, or instrument making. 
Throughout the event, a variety of networking events will be organized, allowing participants to make new connections, learn about the field’s activities from across Europe, and promote their own projects to a specialized professional audience. 
The first edition of the Early Music Summit took place online in 2020, and gathered 500 participants. The report of the contents of the sessions is available here.

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