Dorothee Oberlinger, Ambassador of the 2023 Early Music Day

Dorothee Oberlinger, Ambassador of the 2023 Early Music Day
She is everything! A prize-winning recorder player as a soloist or as a guest to various great ensembles, even venturing into contemporary music, the founder of Ensemble 1700, the laureate of multiple prestigious awards for her recordings, a conductor for celebrated opera productions, but also an important figure of Early music education and artistic director of festivals... it seems there is nothing Dorothee Oberlinger cannot do, and she does it so well! Read her statement below
Dear REMA members and Early Music lovers,
I am so honored to be an ambassador for Early Music Day of REMA 2024!
The pioneering achievement of the "Early Music Movement” has written music history and is probably one of the most influential revolutions in the history of musical performance practice.
Ultimately, with our passion for Early Music, I believe we are all ambassadors for our cause: We are musicians, teachers, musicologists, ensembles, festival organizers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs around the world.
With a spirit of discovery and a thirst for research, we embark on a never-ending search for the appropriate language and sound of Early Music or a new sound for historical instruments, all the while being aware that there can never be absolute authenticity in HIP. What drives us is the ever-changing mystery of a present touching and gripping interpretation. Early Music and historically informed performance practice now stand for an attitude and approach and there is an unbroken hype about Early Music. As ambassadors, let us proudly and creatively carry this precious love for Early Music into the future.

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