With 166 members from 28 countries, active in the whole Early Music chain, from musicology to performance, the REMA members represent the full variety of the sector. By being part of the network, they are involved both as beneficiaries and as actors in its activities, but also work hard together to define the future of the field.

Since 25 May 2023, REMA is now officially opened to all types of early music stakeholders (ensembles, festivals, concert halls, research institutes, labels, agents, conservatoires, etc.).
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Ivana Valotti Individual member Ivana Valotti Italy
Richard Heason Individual member Richard Heason United Kingdom
Aleksandra Pister Individual member Aleksandra Pister Lithuania
Giovanni Acciai Individual member Giovanni Acciai Italy
Albert Recasens Individual member Albert Recasens Spain
Christophe Mangé Individual member Christophe Mangé France
Daniel Bizeray Individual member Daniel Bizeray France
Anne Hallet Individual member Anne Hallet Belgium
Paul James Individual member Paul James United Kingdom
Marco Mencoboni Individual member Marco Mencoboni Italy