zamus: support // Space for empathy

From 05 December 2023 to 05 December 2023/ Germany / Köln

Workshop with Sonja Nowakowski at zamus: Centre for Early Music Cologne

Our everyday language in the private as well as in the professional sphere is permeated with moral condemnations and judgements. "My boss is so manipulative" or "My partner is selfish", expressing these judgements and thoughts to the other person rarely leads to an understanding and cooperative relationship. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) aims to make communication between colleagues, partners, staff, parents, children and people in general more peaceful in all areas of life together by using language that comes from the heart and is not based on judgement. It is about replacing moral judgements by communicating value judgements. Rather than saying, "You are so inconsiderate," say, "I'm frustrated and it's important to me that I'm included." It is not about avoiding conflict or not addressing "hot topics", but about finding a way of expression that allows both parties to understand each other and perhaps find a consensual solution. The connection, the flow of communication, which is necessary in the exchange of information and in the peaceful resolution of conflicts, is the goal. The focus is on values and needs that all people have in common. It is about learning the language that includes ownership. Language use that leads to rejection or devaluation is transformed.
Nonviolent communication assumes that the most satisfying motivation for action is to enrich one's own life and the lives of others and to do this voluntarily rather than out of fear, guilt or shame. Particular importance is attached to taking responsibility - for decisions made as well as improving the quality of relationships as a primary goal.


Please note: We kindly ask for a binding registration until 24.10.2023. If the number of participants is too low, the workshop cannot be held.

Registration by e-mail to:
Registration by phone: +49 221 9874 38 21

Participation is free of charge for zamus members.
zamus: support // Space for empathy

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