zamus: support // Holistic voice training

From 23 November 2023 to 23 November 2023/ Germany / Köln

Workshop with Agnes Erkens at zamus: Centre for Early Music Cologne.

Body, breath, voice - an intelligent interplay that allows us access to ourselves and a free, powerful and natural expression of our voice.

This workshop is aimed at all those who would like to experience the intelligent interplay of body, breath and voice and the basic principles for easy and free access to our voice. Voice training starts at the base and our body awareness through the Alexander Technique plays a crucial role in this, allowing us to become tangibly aware of the natural interplay of body, breath and voice. We discover our body as a resonance carrier and sound body and get to know the different areas of the body as vocal spaces. Through the sound and sound vibration we also experience the healing and energising effect that opens us to our own "inner voice". The resulting connection between sensation and voice allows our expression to be free and natural.
Note: Please bring very comfortable clothes, warm socks, a yoga or gymnastics mat, two large "feel-good" blankets and a flat head pad.
zamus: support // Holistic voice training

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