zamus: early music festival | Symposium: Invisible Women

From 25 May 2024 to 25 May 2024/ Germany / Cologne

Western music history was mainly written by men, with a few female exceptions: This year's symposium focuses on lesser-known female composers such as Antonia Padoani Bembo and Isabella Leonarda and aims to shed light on their lives and works. However, we not only want to shed light on important historical female figures, but also on the present and the influence as well as difficulties of women in the early music scene. 
The symposium is organised in cooperation with the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels and GEDOK. 

10:00-10:30 | Lecture | Virtuoso female singers, or: What does the female Renaissance sound like? 
Sabine Meine Musicologist Cologne University of Music and Dance 

10:45-11:15 | Round table discussion 
Karla Enríquez – violinist BoulevardBaroque 
Mélanie Froehly – managing director zamus 
Sabine Meine – musicologist 
Dorothee Oberlinger – recorder player, festival director
11:30-12:30 | Lecture concert | The Italian repertoire of Adriana van den Bergh 
Ira Givol – violoncello 
Peter van Heyghen – recorder
Joanna Huszcza – violin
Kris Verhelst – harpsichord

Exhibition |
Johanna Hansen: Moon Rabbit to Moon Fish - Poetry meets Painting 
Johanna Sarah Schlenk: But wherever we are is light 

2024 festivalmotiv zamus © Julia Mertes, Quang Nguyen
zamus: early music festival | Symposium: Invisible Women

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