zamus: early music festival | Orpheus' Echo | Per-Sonat

From 22 May 2024 to 22 May 2024/ Germany / Cologne

The Per-Sonat ensemble, led by singer Sabine Lutzenberger, brings this special atmosphere of the Carolingian Renaissance back to life - mirrored in the ancient myth of Orpheus. In addition to polyphonic liturgical chants from the Winchester Tropar, improvised organa based on the instructions of the "Musica enchiriadis" from the early 10th century are heard; the Davidic lament of Petrus Abaelardus from the 12th century is complemented by medieval new settings of odes by the ancient poet Horace. The superb singing voices of Per-Sonat are combined with instruments from the Carolingian period, including lyre, harp and the long-necked lute cythara.
Hanna Marti  – vocals, roman harp, lyre 
Jasmina Črnčič – vocals 
Karin Weston – vocals 
Marc Lewon – vocals, carolingian cythara, citole 
Sabine Lutzenberger – vocals, artistic direction

2024 festivalmotiv zamus © Julia Mertes, Quang Nguyen 
zamus: early music festival | Orpheus' Echo | Per-Sonat

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