zamus: early music festival | lovebird.s | trio.s

From 25 May 2024 to 25 May 2024/ Germany / Cologne

lovebird.s is a spatial-musical performance that deals experimentally with a topic that is intrinsic to us: love. At the centre is the piece "Ich lieb dich" (2017) by Kristo Šagor, which tells of love in a simple and poetic way and attempts to make it visible in all its complexity. Together with the audience and in constantly changing roles, trio.s circles around, questions, scrutinises, plays with and sings about the big questions of love in the unique line-up of two low female voices, accordion, viola da gamba and violin. With works by Benjamin Scheuer (*1987), Hildegard von Bingen, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and others.
s.usan jebrini – mezzo-soprano 
s.onja catalano – alto 
goran s.tevanovic – accordion 
Liam Byrne – viola da gamba 
Henriette Otto-Dierßen – violin 
Benjamin Scheuer –  composition 
Martin Clausen – direction 
Susan Jebrini – spatial concept 
Ivan Bazak Room – costumes 

2024 festivalmotiv zamus © Julia Mertes, Quang Nguyen
zamus: early music festival | lovebird.s | trio.s

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