Vocal Competition for ACI, GALATEA A POLIFEMO by Handel HWV 72

Italy / Sacile (PN) Italy

for the selection of the voices for

Article 1
International call for the selection of Role voices for the staging of
ACI (Soprano), GALATEA (Mezzosoprano-Contralto) and POLIFEMO (Bass) by G.F. Handel, as part of the Festival MusicAntica BAROQUE STORIES 2023.
The Call is organized by the BAROCCO EUROPEO Association which takes care of its management and organizational secretariat.
Young singers from all nations born after 1 January 1989 are admitted to the competition.

The reference score for the performance is the Barenreiter edition.
ACI, GALATEA AND POLIFEMO in singing and piano edition is available at the link
Full score - https://ossiaeditions.com/product/aci-galatea-e-polifemo-hwv-72
Selection of Arias - https://ossiaeditions.com/?s=aci+galatea+polifemo&post_type=product

Article 2
Registration for auditions
To register for the call, a non-refundable registration fee of Euro 20.00 (twenty.00), net of bank commissions, is required. The enrollment procedure involves filling in the enrollment form that the candidate will find on the website www.barocco-europeo.org in the dedicated section.
The application for admission, to be sent by 15 May 2023, must necessarily be accompanied by the following documents:
AUDIO VIDEO RECORDING: in SINGLE file (separate files will not be accepted), containing the recording of the three arias of the Role indicated, plus another Aria of your choice;
(it is preferable to send the YouTube link of the video uploaded in public form)
- ACI: Dell’aquila gli artigli;  Qui l’augel da pianta in pianta; Verso già l’alma;
- GALATEA: Benché tuoni; S’agita in mezzo all’onde; Se m’ami, o caro;
- POLIFEMO: Sibilar l’angui d’Aletto; Precipitoso nel mar che freme; Fra l’ombre e gl’orrori; Acis, Galtea and Polyphemus, serenade HWV 72 - Barenreiter Edition - Pitch 440

• Registration form, downloadable from the website
• SHORT curriculum vitae;
• Recent high definition photo;
• Receipt of payment of the registration fee;
• Copy of a valid identity document.

Documents should be sent to: info@barocco-europeo.org
The arias must be MEMORY recorded.
It is also required to demonstrate strong acting skills, in keeping with the characterization of the characters.
It is recommended to make sure that the Audio/Video recordings are of excellent quality 
(especially in the audio component), in order to guarantee the correct evaluation of the competitor's artistic performance.
The deadline for registration in this Call is May 15, 2023.
The lack of one of the documents or the sending after the indicated date, excludes the participant from both selection procedures, explained in Article 3.
Following the pre-selection, the names of those selected for the Final in presence will be communicated by the artistic direction.

Article 3
Method of selection 
The selection is into two phases:
- Pre-selection: carried out remotely by each member of the Evaluation Commission on the basis of the videos sent by each competitor
- Final: to be held face-to-face, in Sacile on 17 June 2023.
The Commission will be composed of: Sara Mingardo, Cesare Scarton (Director), Riccardo Doni (Conductor of the Annunciata Academy - MI), Alberto Martini (Artistic Director of the Ristori Theater, Verona), Daniela Goldoni (OperClick), Donatella Busetto (Organizer and Artistic Director of the MusicAntica Festival).
The initial pre-selection offers the advantage of reducing the costs for the individual singers, avoiding travel, board and lodging costs, as in the case of a face-to-face selection.
Article 4
The Evaluation Commission for the remote pre-selection is made up of:
Sara Mingardo, Vivica Genaux, Monica Bacelli
Riccardo Doni (Conductor Accademia dell’Annunciata)
Antonio Florio (Conductor Cappella Neapolitana)
Giulio Prandi (Conductor  – Centro di Musica Antica della Fondazione Ghislieri) 
Gianni Tangucci (Artistic DirectorAccademia Maggio Musicale Fiorentino)
Alberto Martini (Artistic Director Teatro Ristori, Verona)
Matteo Macinanti (Musicologist, capo redattore Quinte Parallele)
Claudio Toscani (Musicologist, Centro Studi Pergolesiani)
Alessandro Cammarano (Giournalist,  Accademia per l’Opera di Verona)
Cesare Scarton (Art Director)
Andrea Dandolo (Artistic Director Stradivarius Dischi)
Anton Giulio Priolo (TREETONE Productions) 
Giovanni Sgaria ( Outhere – ARCANA)
Daniela Goldoni (OperClick)
Donatella Buratti (Tàlea comunicazione)
Fabio Larovere (Connessi all’Opera)
Alan Neilson (OPERAWIRE)
Roberta Pedrotti (Critica musicale, Direttrice de L’Ape musicale)
Videos and CVs will be sent to each member of the Evaluation Commission remotely.
Each of the members of the Commission will remotely make a pre-selection by indicating a maximum of three singers for each Role.
The results of this pre-selection will be collected and processed for the identification of three singers for each Role, who will participate in the FINAL round, which will take place in presence, on 17 June 2023, at Palazzo Ragazzoni in Sacile PN.
The selected candidates must appear on the day of the Final knowing the indicated arias by heart.
During the Finale, the Commission reserves the right to create pairings between the candi-dates in order to create the Duets envisaged by the score.
The Commission reserves the right not to assign the role/s if the sufficient conditions for their award do not emerge.
The decisions of the jury are final.

Article 5
Following the set-up, they are expected
the audio-video recording and the show at
Teatro Verdi in Gorizia on 10 and 11 November 2023
as well as the shows at
Teatro Miela - Trieste, 17 November
Teatro Arrigoni - San Vito al Tagliamento, 19 November

Article 6
The singers chosen for the performance of ACI, GALATEA AND POLYPHEMUS undertake to
- participate in the Masterclass with Sara Mingardo which will be held on 2 and 3 November 2023 at the Sacile headquarters, (Ex Chiesa San Gregorio) .
- participate in the set-up rehearsals which will be held from 4 to 11 November 2023, at the Sacile venues (Ex Chiesa San Gregorio and Teatro Zancanaro) and at the Teatro Verdi in Gorizia
- participate: in the audio-video recording of the Show scheduled at the Teatro Verdi in Gorizia on November 10th; participate in the shows (and rehearsals) on 11 November, 16 and 17 November - 18 and 19 November.
Artistic Director reserves the right to evaluate the quality of the performances, for the 
realization of the audio-video recording.

Each singer will receive a total net fee of €1,200 (increased by contributions and social 
security contributions) + travel expenses for transfers from Sacile to the concert venues and 
a flat-rate per diem.
The accommodation will be paid for by the BAROCCO EUROPEO Association.
Article 7
Shooting of images, audio and video
By registering, the participant in the production of the intermezzo THE INGENIOUS VEDOVA gives his consent to the filming and radio and television broadcasts, on audio and video tapes made in the context of the rehearsals and performances, performed by the organizer himself or by people or appointed institutions. In particular, the participant assigns to the organization all the rights of the image, sound and video recordings for any use in relation to the event. The organization reserves the right to use images, audio and video recor-dings for promotion in relation to this event or future events or to publish sound and video recordings for demonstration and promotional purposes.
These conditions may be subject to changes due to force majeure.
By signing the registration form, the participant accepts all the conditions listed.
The processing of personal data will take place pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 
"Personal data protection code" and art. 13 of the GDPR (EU regulation 2016/679).
The reference score for the performance is the Barenreiter edition.
ACI, GALATEA AND POLIFEMO in singing and piano edition is available at the link
Full score - https://ossiaeditions.com/product/aci-galatea-e-polifemo-hwv-72
Selection of Arias - https://ossiaeditions.com/?s=aci+galatea+polifemo&post_type=product

Vocal Competition for ACI, GALATEA A POLIFEMO by Handel HWV 72


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