Vivaldi sacro

From 20 October 2023 to 20 October 2023/ Belgium / Antwerp

Vivaldi is more than his Four Seasons. Besides his famous worldly music, the composer reaches for the divine in his vocal works, without abandoning his typical expressiveness. More than that, his sacred pieces are sometimes called 'concertos for the voice' because of their lively vocal lines. In his time, the Dixit Dominus and the Magnificat were at least as well known as the string piece identified with him.
High time, therefore, to put this magisterial music in the spotlight. Italian conductor Giulio Prandi's Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri has been specialising in hidden archive pieces from the high baroque of the 18th century for 20 years now. After gems by Pergolesi, in recent years he has increasingly focused on Vivaldi. At the most recent Ambronay festival, he proved that they are right to dust off this underrated oeuvre.
Vivaldi sacro

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