Types of war

From 04 May 2023 to 04 May 2023/ Italy / Pavia

PuraCorda is very happy to announce and invite the Italian public to their very first interactive, interdisciplinary, innovative and immersive experience. We will invite a few select members of the public to join us on stage and not only be part of the performance but have the chance to live it up close and immerse themselves in the world we will have created. Our evening will be themed around a family dinner table. As all family gatherings, this evening includes warmth, familiarity, passionate disagreements, heartfelt confessions and apologies, jokes and acceptance. 

We'll be reminded, though as big as fights might seem in our small familiar universes, they pale in comparison to the shadow cast by world wars silently approaching the safety of our humble homes. Additionally, we'll be presenting two movements of Agnes Tyrell's string quartet, which we had the pleasure to premier for the first time in history last march. The Italian public will be the second one in history to rediscover her wonderful music. 
Types of war

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