Tiny, but shiny: psalms from 17th-century Vilnius

From 19 July 2023 to 22 July 2023/ Portugal / Cascais

Musicologist Aleksandra Pister will be delivering a presentation on the tiny fragments of music from a big celebration in 17th-century Vilnius, at the conference "Lost & Found: Traces of Early Music" being held in Cascais, Portugal. A few anonymous psalm settings have quite recently been discovered in a manuscript that describes the triumphant entry of King Sigismund III Vasa into the capital of Lithuania in 1611. The inclusion of music from this kind of historical source is rare and remarkable. These psalms performed that day highlighted the King's military success.
Supported by a mobility grant of Lithuanian Council for Culture. 
Tiny, but shiny: psalms from 17th-century Vilnius

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