Tage Alter Musik in Herne

From 10 November 2022 to 13 November 2022/ Germany / Herne

Under the theme "tragic - comic", artists from all over Europe present music from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. 
The 2022 edition focuses on music theatre. This includes opera rarities such as Andrea Bernasconi's "L'Huomo" (Ensemble 1700, Dorothee Oberlinger) and Haydn's "La fedeltà premiata" (Capella Augustina, Andreas Spering). The "Roman de Fauvel" (Sequentia, Ben Bagby) offers medieval music theatre, and the reconstructed martyr drama "Pia et fortis mulier" by Johann Kaspar Kerll (Musica Fiata, Roland Wilson) will be performed as baroque drama music. 

All concerts are recorded by the radio WDR 3 and offered to the EBU later.
Tage Alter Musik in Herne

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