Su Cantu in sas Laras

25 January 2024/ Italy / Pavia

Voice and artistic direction - Sergio Ladu
Voice - Laia Frigolé
Harpsichord, voice - Paola Erdas
Guitar, flutes, percussion - Stefano Cirino
With - Sergio Ladu

A continent of heartbreaking beauty: its colours, its stones, its sea, its clouds, its scents, its flavours, its changing landscapes, its famous wind. It is also a linguistic continent with multiple variants spawned by an authentic neo-Latin language (not a dialect), a culture and wealth unique in the Mediterranean.

Precisely thanks to its idiom and the narratives of its poets, the aim is to create a sincere and intense evocation, through popular and cultured tradition, through the ancient and the modern with traditional songs and music arranged and composed for the occasion. A staging that uses a form of symbolism and multi-sensory synthesis, which punctuates the sacred and profane tension and the "tactus" of a mysterious world, which does not belong to the past, which wants to breathe beyond the sea, which dreams, which begs, which cries out.

The concert-show is a meeting of artists who have a propensity for musical, vocal and gestural research. Sergio Ladu graduated in singing from the Sassari Conservatory. He has attended courses in vocalism, declamation and musical eloquence, and has always been passionate about ancient repertoires. He studied gestures and historical dances at the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala. Paola Erdas is a harpsichordist, a pupil of Diana Petech who led her to her diploma in Venice and of Kenneth Gilbert at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg. She is also active in the field of musicological research. Stefano Cirino Oggianu, is a guitarist, musicologist and composer.
Su Cantu in sas Laras

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