Scarlatti Project: music rediscovered. Premiere world

From 13 November 2023 to 13 November 2023/ Italy / Sassari

The International Early Music Festival 'Note Senza Tempo' celebrates its first five years with a world premiere of an unpublished mass by Alessandro Scarlatti.

On 13 November at 5.30 p.m., a presentation conference open to the public will be held in the foyer of the Teatro Comunale, during which Alessandro Scarlatti's unpublished mass will be presented. The protagonists will be musicologist Ondrej Macek, who will give a speech entitled "The manuscript from the archive to modern performance", composer Giovanna Dongu, who will talk about "Musical Mass and liturgical practice", musicians from the Dolci Accenti ensemble Calogero Sportato (theorbo, archlute and baroque guitar) Daniele Cernuto (baroque cello), and artistic director Alberto Gazale, who will moderate the meeting.

The aim of this lecture is to give the audience an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the repertoire in preparation for the concert on 2 December at 7.30 p.m., where, at the Sacro Cuore church in Sassari, 10 musicians will restore the history of these wonderful musical pages with a first performance in modern times. Five singers from the Czech Republic: Kamila Zbořilová (soprano I) Jana Kuželová (soprano II) Veronika Mráčková (contralto) Tomáš Kočan (tenor) Ivo Michl (bass); and five musicians on basso continuo with instruments such as theorbo, archlute, baroque cello, violone and organ, will be conducted by Ondřej Macek, harpsichordist, organist and musicologist.

Scarlatti Project is a project born a year ago out of the collaboration between Maestro Macek and the Dolci Accenti association, organisers of the Festival. In addition to discovering this mass, M° Macek is the director of the Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov (South Bohemia), which is an almost unique case of a Baroque theatre perfectly preserved in its original state (1766). Since 2000, he has been performing there annually, with the Hof-Musici ensemble, almost exclusively first performances in modern times of works by Alessandro Scarlatti, Nicola Porpora, Antonio Vivaldi, Giovanni Adolfo Hasse, Antonio Caldara, Antonio Draghi, Antonio Boroni, Antonio Gianettini, Antonio Cesti and others; works that have remained unknown and preserved in European archives and libraries until today.

Over the past five years, the 'Note Senza Tempo' Festival has made a major contribution to the popularisation of a musical genre that is little known and heard in concert halls, and today it is the only festival on the island to deal with early music. A few months ago, it received an important certificate of quality with its admission to Rema Early Music in Europe, a network composed of the best 150 early music festivals in Europe.

This event is made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Ente Concerti 'Marialisa De Carolis' and the sacred music department of the Fondazione Accademia 'Casa dei popoli culture e religioni' in Sassari, institutions that have shown great sensitivity and interest in popular opportunities such as the one proposed by APS Dolci Accenti.
Scarlatti Project: music rediscovered. Premiere world


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