Couperin and Froberger recital

15 October 2023/18h00/ France

Christophe Rousset: harpsichord
Combining the science of counterpoint with a wealth of invention in the Italian stilo fantastico, Johann Jacob Froberger met Louis Couperin, a renowned harmonist, during a trip. For François Couperin, "the great", "we must speak above all of poetry, but also of humour, delicate painting and the exquisite sophistication of a French aesthetic that reached its apogee in balance and freedom between 1720 and 1730", according to Christophe Rousset..... What better interpreter for these eminent Baroque masters of the harpsichord than the author of these words, who never ceases to explore and discover this repertoire that he has mastered to perfection.

Sunday 15 October 2023 - 6 pm
Amilly - Église Saint-Martin
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Couperin and Froberger recital

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