Printemps de Lanvellec


Now that the embankments are covered in flowers and the birds are busy in the branches, it's time to unveil the programme for our Spring Festival!
The Lanvellec Spring Festival, from 8 to 12 May, will feature six concerts in the Lanvellec area. Emerging from the Conservatoire de Paris - Boulogne-Billancourt, Rennes and Brest Métropole, the new generation of early music performers have prepared programmes as brightly coloured as the first hyacinths in the woods. Harpsichord, traverso, baroque violin, voice and organ will intertwine to celebrate the arrival of the beautiful season.
During this festival, the RIMAT association wanted to reconnect with its DNA, the organ, which it has been missing since the Robert Dallam organ in Lanvellec is no longer available. So we'll be taking a look at the neo-baroque De Graaf organ in Ploumilliau (1964), and the Cavaillé-Coll organ (1899) in the sumptuous Chapelle du Bon Sauveur in Bégard. The positive organ will also be featured. This smaller, portable version of the great organs testifies to the adaptability of organ builders and the versatility of this instrument. 
Printemps de Lanvellec


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