Partenope Eterna

17 May 2024/20h30/ Italy / Naples

Soprano Naomi Rivieccio and the 'Talenti Vulcanici' directed by Stefano Demicheli are the protagonists of the concert entitled 'Partenope Eterna', from the title of the unpublished piece composed for the occasion by Maestro Fabio Vacchi to a text by Giuseppe Montesano.

The concert inaugurates the first record conceived by the new independent label Turchini Records, created to enhance the repertoires of the Neapolitan and European School by combining them with contemporary composition.
Naomi Rivieccio
Talenti Vulcanici
Marcello Scandelli cello
Rafael Arjona lute and baroque guitar
Federico Bagnasco double bass
Stefano Demicheli harpsichord and direction

Musicological expertise Paologiovanni Maione

Partenope Eterna


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