From 20 January 2024 to 25 January 2024/ Netherlands / Arnhem, Vries, De Meern (Utrecht), Cuijk

With Franziska Fleischanderl (salterio)

This program is a quest for a lost and forgotten instrument and its designer: Pantaleon Hebenstreit. The story of the Pantaleon fascinates us and leads us to unexplored music.

The name of the instrument is derived from its designer, Pantaleon Hebenstreit, a colorful contemporary and colleague of Telemann. He was a dance master, violinist, and composer who also played the Pantaleon, which is a variant of the salterio. The instrument quickly gained popularity and was played from Berlin to Vienna during the 18th century. It was presented in Italy and even appeared at the court of Louis XIV in Versailles. Around 1800, it fell out of use and completely disappeared from the music scene in the nineteenth century. Austrian musician Franziska Fleischanderl is not only a virtuoso on the salterio, but she has also delved deep into the world of the Pantaleon. In this program, we join her on this investigation. What did this instrument sound like, and what music suits this fascinating story?
Franziska Fleischanderl (salterio)

Orchestral works by Georg Philipp Telemann, Johann Kuhnau, Jean-Baptiste Volumier.
Reconstructions by Judith and Tineke Steenbrink.


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