MISTERIOSO MISTERO della Cantata Barocca

29 October 2023/16h00/ Italy / Fontanafredda - Elementary School

Signora Cante Rina turns to the famous musical detective, Barock Holmes, to find the author of the anonymous letters threatening the theft of her trunk full of baroque cantatas. The trunk will then actually be stolen by a mysterious thief but with the help of Doctor Diapason, a trusted aide of Barock Holmes, of Mrs Rina's husband and thanks to the identikit of the witnesses (the children in the room) everything will be resolved by dancing and singing.
An entertaining show in which the audience of children, even of pre-school age, interacts with the artists and in the meantime listens to three beautiful Baroque cantatas by Barbara Strozzi and Antonio Giramo. The costumes and staging, rigorously made of paper, are by Annalisa Metus.

The show, a Wunderkammer 2016 festival production, is revived with new costumes and a modified script and is a real opportunity for entertainment for children but also for those who accompany them.

Barock Holmes: Paola Erdas, Harpsichord
Dottor Diapason: Enrico Maronese, voice and dance
Signora Cante Rina: Ilaria Zanetti, soprano
costumes and staging: Annalisa Metus, paper engineer

MISTERIOSO MISTERO della Cantata Barocca


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